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Magnisalis Petros


Magnisalis Petros & Co, General Partnership

Petros Magnisalis began operating in the glass sector in 1976. In 1980 he was the first constructor of thermal and sound insulating double glazing in Greece with hot melt. In 1987 the company changed activities and began operating in double glazing materials. The experience obtained during the past years as double glazing constructor was precious as the company became familiar with all particularities, difficulties, but also with the problems that would incur during production, installing and the action of glass in long terms through years. In 1992 the company was transferred to privately-owned premises in Evosmos Thessaloniki and covered an area of 800 square meters. One year later begins exporting to Balkan countries, which today constitutes one of the company’s most important activities in double glazing products. In 1999 the company was transferred to a new privately-owned plant, an area of 3.500 square meters to cover the needs of Balkan countries and those of the Greek market.


The company based on its experience and know-how, i.e. the strong and healthy grounded has gained a leading position in the Greek market and the Balkans (Romania, Albania, Kosovo, Skopje, Serbia, Bulgaria and other countries). The company’s upward trend is due to the combination of various factors
• Excellent products quality
• Wide range of materials
• Low prices
• Long experience and expertise
The company of P.Magnisalis imports exclusively the sealants of BOSTIK company, the top worldwide company of HOT MELT, which produces 4 different BOSTIK products, covering all needs. Besides, our company has in its warehouses off-the-shelf Hot-Melt products of all companies, in order to be in position to cover all its trading partner’s needs, no matter how specialized may be in Greece and in the Balkans.

Laboratory testing

In the company’s pants there is a specialized laboratory where the products’ quality control takes places by the certified, in accordance with the E.U. specifications, control machines. All sealants and molecular sieves are tested before being forwarded to the market. In the laboratory, is tested whether the humidity penetrates or not inside the double glazing unit. This procedure simulates by the double glazing behaviour through years. Each week that double unit remains in the furnace corresponds to glass placed in external conditions for one year. For instance, if a glass is placed in the furnace for 7 weeks, we can see how much humidity has penetrated the particular sealant in 7 years time. Additionally with the use of advanced machinery the company tests the humidity contained in the molecular sieves when delivered to the plant. This protects manufacturers from failure that may be occurred due to problems during packaging procedure in the plant. Moreover, the conducted tests examine nitrogen outflow from the molecular sieve. This happens because when the molecular sieve is overheated releases nitrogen, which results in glass expansion and may even cause their fracture. This effect is mainly developed in energy and reflective glasses during summer, when temperature goes up. These tests measure nitrogen in terms of quantity, which is released from each type of molecular sieve when this reaches high temperatures.
In total, tests conducted in our laboratory are:
Α) Humidity permeability of the sealant (adhesive)
Β) Possibility of the molecular sieve’s highest absorbance
C) Measurement of the molecular sieve’s humidity percentage on its receipt from its production plant
D) Humidity concentration in double glazing
Ε) Fogging test
F) Quantity of the molecular sieve’s humidity having been absorbed during production of double glazing.
G) Nitrogen release from the molecular sieve
These tests are conducted not by random controls but constantly, so that all products are tested. Quality assurance, proper service and low prices are always our priorities. The company of Petros Magnisalis appreciates and is very grateful to its customers – trading partners and commissioners in Greece and abroad on the long excellent cooperation.


The front external view of the building, where the company’s offices are located.

The side space of the premises, where loading and unloading are performed.

The high-capacity storage area is always ready to accept all merchandise

Each product, in the warehouse, has a specific position for control and safety.

The products’ placing in the area and on shelves is carefully performed.

For better results, the construction of the entire storage area is based on the logistics philosophy.

Specialized laboratory for the materials’ quality control disposed by the company.

Control concerning whether and how much humidity comes through the sealant in the internal part of double glazing.

By this procedure the behavior of double glazing is simulated through years.

Control concerning whether and on which point humidity is concentrated in the double glazing.