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Spacer bars

Spacer bars

All dimensions from 5.56 to 23.56 Bronze are available off-the-shelf
Bendable with connection for robot lines
Colored under order





Spacer bars

The double thermal and sound insulating glazing, constructed by THERMIX are of high quality, offer UV radiation resistance and protection against humidity and mould concentration. It is certified in accordance with the ΕΝ1279-2, ΕΝ1279-3 and ΕΝ1279-6 standards. The greater heat loss is performed at the edge of the glass. THERMIX bar prevents heat loss and keeps the interior space warm.

Making use of THERMIX “Warm Edge” spacer bar results in the improvement of coefficients Ψ and Uw, further resulting in the reduction of the residence’s energy cost, as well as the improvement of a room’s climate.

  • Low Ψ and Uw coefficients
  • Reduction in humidity concentration on double glazing
  • Certified in accordance with EN 1279-2, 3 and 6 standards
  • 10-year guarantee